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I am an eccentric weirdo. I see things with my alien lenses. INTJ. Socially clumsy.


I am not very good at art, but I try.

I haven't drawn much lately because I have a huge invincible art block and life issues.


Some of my artish stuff:

Trey mshd by rogue-freighter Jay portrait by rogue-freighter Jayce color black jkt by rogue-freighter crossed arms by rogue-freighter pilot sh tr by rogue-freighter face profile shad by rogue-freighter Sirro w sword by rogue-freighter atmc tr by rogue-freighter


A few DA artists that inspire me: ... btw .. this list is very old ....

Dhacaahsvost: draws interesting original characters
Abstract-scientist: abstract-scientist.deviantart.… abstract and surreal
EclecticNinja: paints tomboys, MMA fighters
999demons: makes neat fantasy characters
LieutenantHawk: anthroish characters
MyWorld1: Egyptian character artist
MaevesChild: fantasy digital art
zMallister: fantasy, sci fi art
Kamazotz: art of mesoarmericans
tDub248: ancient history art
Gambargin: draws historic styled warrior women
JFoliveras: historic characters portraits, etc
ShumElkin: warrior characters n stuff
Lycanthropeful: werewolves and athletic characters
Tekka-Croe: interesting sci fi, Halo, Warhammer art
Mates Laurentiu: fantasy characters artist
NickRoblesArt: fantasy art, etc
domirine:… Elder Scrolls art
Michelio: Elder Scrolls art
VictoriaDAEDRA: Elder Scrolls art
kokomiko: Dragon Age characters, etc
LuckyFK: video game characters art
no1hellangle: fantasy art
Jangelles: character artist
Seraph777: fantasy characters
MrPlaid81: draws muscular superheroes
wraithdt: Star Wars n history art
Royaloakarmoury:… armor makers
farmer-bootoshysa: farmer-bootoshysa.deviantart.c… fantasy armor crafters
CPT-Crandall: paints lots of stuff
Bidass: aircraft artist
EmpPhotography: photographer
MilitaryPhotos: awesome military photographers
00AngelicDevil00:… digital scenes

List of cool DA groups I found so far..

Sci Fi Tech:
Star Dock ,
MechaDesigners ,
Art-Hammer (Warhammer art)

Warfare / History stuff:
Art-Of-War-Club… ,
HistoryReenactment historyreenactment.deviantart.… ,
Re-enactments ,
Medievalists ,
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Celtic Art ,
Mesoamerica-Arts… ,
Rome-SPQR ,
The-Commentarii… ,
World-Costumes ,
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TankAttack ,

Ancient historic n Fantasy character / warrior art:
Exceptional-Zeal:… ,
Knigths ,
Battle-Ready-Womyn battle-ready-womyn.deviantart.… ,
Real-Armored-Women real-armored-women.deviantart.… ,
DA-Swordsman , ,
Warrior Maidens ,
DwarvenHalls (fantasy ,
tolkien ,
Warrior-Spirit-Group warrior-spirit-group.deviantar… ,
BARBARIAN-KINGDOMS barbarian-kingdoms.deviantart.… ,
rebelsoftheworld… ,
HanfuGroup ,

Armories n Weaponry Arts:
Armourmakers ,
Firearmart ,
TheBowyerCamp ,
TheArchersParadox  thearchersparadox.deviantart.c… ,

Cool stuff for study n reference:
Action-Stock ,
jademacalla ,
kristinkk ,
Pose-Emporium ,
Chonastock ,
Elandria ,

More Fantasy n game n other stuff:
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ElderScrollsFans… ,
Elder-Scrolls-Orcs elder-scrolls-orcs.deviantart.…
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My other Deviant Art accounts:

WarhawkPPC - My MechWarrior art and and mech gaming screenshots.
Naiyion - Miscellaneous photos of military, aircraft, nature etc.
swept-wing-racer… - Skyrim art, (orcs!) Skyrim screencaps, and screenshots of my Soul Calibur IV OC's.

These stamps describe me:

I am very Awkward by Fyi-Sus There is no way I can adequately emphasize this.

I AM GEEK by Ruby-MV Nerd Alert by missmarypotter Mad Scientist - stamp by martinacecilia Stamp: History Geek by spiffingsailor Mohawk Stamp by BritishMuffin Uncool Stamp by quazo Ugly is beautiful stamp by Guei-Girl wrong reality by WolfcatStamps I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion I'm not normal. I'm me by zaz14ispottermad Genderqueer by Inkiedo Source Code of Life Stamp by Belgarion270 Thinking Stamp by DaMoni Tomboy stamp by rogue-freighter Socially Retarded by Foxxie-Chan Coffee by coffee--monster Stamp: Skyrim by I-Forget-To-Forget Airplane stamp by Dinkysaurus NERD Stamp by Kojima2087 Camouflage FTW by Mintaka-TKNerd 4 Life by iAkumu Neurodiversity by Atuin The Glitch Mob Stamp by Saflie _tiesto_ by duckied Armin Van Burren by phantom Joe Satriani - Music Stamp by edmunn Joe satriani Stamp by Kaizo-Konpaku Joe Satriani by gigidelagaze Joe Satriani stamp by sandwedge Aspie Stamp by themysticenigma
--------------------------------------------Edward Scissorhands by Mad42Sam---------------------------------------------
- I am going to progress on the post with multiple saves so I don't lose content to browser issues, etc. - Please try not to feel bad reading about the negative/sad parts, some of my history was misery.

Autism and comorbids:

The dynamics of my autism make socializing and understanding people difficult. I have the socializing/social cues/body language reading deficits that seem common among autistic people. And I don't think or process things anything like the way other people do. My mind pretty much operated on its own 'frequency', completely different from what a lot of other people who seem tofunction somewhat more closer to each other, (while I am waaaaaay out there). This condition does not mean I am inferior, wrong, or defective in that way. I analyze/process and pick up on things/concepts that other people don't notice or can't imagine, but I miss a lot off what they notice and compute. So it's a sort of a both ways thing. It's the same with the socializing/social cues topic. I don't understand half the things they are cues they send my way, but they fail to read much of what I try to transmit either. So, it is not entirely one sided with me being the only one failing at it.

Another thing.. I learn differently from most other people it seems. I have hardly met anyone who can seem to understand how I learn, so education can be a setback and frustration for myself and educators. I do have some learning disability, but I think, but  I am even hindered more by how people expect me to learn a certain way and they don't want to allow me to learn the ways I need to (one example: better details. It would really help to give better details. So many people want to teach, and communicate with everything watered down of much content and add nonsense unrelated fluff. I know I can't really expect or demand it, but it would be so much better for me sometimes if they could try to understand and help).

Social awkwardness and anxiety ..  I have social awkwardness and anxiety due to my socializing deficits. The awkwardness is from my difficulty understanding the minute nuances of these interactions and tight-roping the confusing social maneuverings. The anxiety the desire to not experience the awkwardness, but even more - it is a reaction from a successive history of past negative resulting encounters. It is from the anticipation of what I realize may be to come/to and watch our for, the desire to avoid the worse things that may well happen next - and be able to do little to stop it, - the problem of dreadful consequences of failed social encounters: The miscommunication, misinterpretations, confusion from either sides, bad reactions, upset tempers, dreadful intense confusing laser eye gazes from people, angry backlashes, strong disapprovals, reactionary hatred, permanent bannings, embarrassments, quick negative judgements, punishments, revenge actions taken afterwards, permanently ruined reputation, and disheartening outcastings. I have experienced these. The outcastings have been quite common. They are awful. As a result of these bad experiences I have learned to be a loner as my main occupation. If I did not have these experiences I would have by far less reasons for anxiety and would be far more relaxed and easygoing and far less afraid of humans. Basically, humans and their bad reactions to me are the reason for some 95% approximate of my anxiety. The small rest is mainly encounters with other dangers and threats I can encounter in the world.

Depression ... Depression is another reactionary problems to life unavoidable terrible traumatic prolonged unstoppable $#@*. It would be small or non existent if I did not have a lot of the bad and near insurmountable barriers and torments and failures. I used to be a happy pragmatic optimist when I was little. The depression is mainly the result of my continuous difficulty with the misery of my pain and struggles in life that so often seem to be impossible to help no matter how hard I may try... The shame of the negative things people say and do to me over and over again. Their disgust toward me. The discrimination. The long years of being misunderstood, ridiculed, bullied, physically attacked, taunted, judged, hated, punished, daily harassments, attempts at brainwashing, threats, intimidation, being unable to escape, having no safe haven, being excluded, having no friends, bring forced to be quiet, being lonely - (years and years and years of it), being capped from flourishing, having my heart crushed, and my dreams dashed, my skills and potentials stunted banned and ignored, the pain of my senses being driven raw for countless hours often day after day, and the rude treatment I receive from experiencing this sensory difficulty. I could go on and on for paragraphs. I usually try not to think about it as mush as possible. I also dissociate sometimes. My teen years are mainly forgotten from dissociating the pure negativity in my life then. My teen years were the worst in my life, just awful. Not all of my life has been in depression, but a lot has. Sorry I had to mention all this sad negative stuff, but they are the reason for my depression.

Sensory processing and data filters... I have sensory processing and information filtering issues that quite a few autistic people have it seems/ Much of mine mainly tend to me of the too many signals with too much 'volume' all at once, which can overload that can literally be painful, exhausting, grossly stressful, and sort of disorienting because it can be very distracting and as it takes mental processes away from other needed tasks. Sensory overloads can cause me to seem moody, distanced or seeming less attentive, and when extremely intense and prolonged I might have a demanding need to chill, or stim, or even progress to a meltdown/tantrum/spike of oppositional 'pissiness' when things get real bad. I don't like having the latter descriptions happen, (as it is unpleasant for myself and others) and I try to avoid being put in situations that overload my sensory processings.

That's it for now..  I plan to continue sometime later to finish this and start other topics.


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